>I posted this in reply to a comment in a group I belong to, and I thought the subject important enough to repost here. Yes, it political, people, but politics really do matter to all of us.

“But if you vote for the independent, it takes votes away from Martha, and Scott wins. Remember this happened when Ralph Nader ran. The election went a way it might not have gone otherwise. Who wins matters. A certain interest group has hijacked the government, mainly because people who don’t share their philosophy don’t get out and vote, and people who do, do. So they got in and look where it took us. Yes, people, I am one of those left-wing liberal tree-huggers, and proud of it. Way back in the early 90’s, PBS did a show about Ralph Reed and his group. He later became a close advisor to Bush the Second. It struck me, watching the show, that A. he was scary, and B. just a little more fanaticism on his part, and he could start a Jihad of his own against those of us who don’t share his views. And in a way, he did. We have devolved into a country where if those of us on one side don’t like what those of us on the other side say, they don’t just disagree with us, they hate us. Now we have Rush and Glenn and Bill O’ spewing hate every day in every way. I personally find this very, very scary. We worry about certain factions of the Muslim faith, but we should also worry about certain factions of the Christian faith, who apparently have no idea or just don’t care what Jesus actually taught. Don’t mean to start something here, but this really matters, people. Really. What kind of America do you want your children to live in?”

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