>I Seem to Be Sick

I never get sick, but last Monday a friend came over and she was coming down with a cold and I must have gotten it. I don’t have cold symptoms, though. I just feel worse than normal. Does a cold or similar illness manifest as a fibro flare instead of the actual cold symptoms? I haven’t had a fever, although I did have a brief ‘sweat’ thing yesterday, for no reason I could see. I’ve been spending most of my time on the couch or sitting here. I’m thinking maybe I DO get sick, but it causes increased fibro symptoms in lieu of what ‘normal’ people get when they are sick. I am puzzled and confused. Maybe what I think are flares are really that I’ve caught something and don’t know it. Or maybe this doesn’t make any sense at all and I should just go to bed. I love this snap of Ianto, btw. “He always cheats.” I snagged it off a fanvid.

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