>Fake Sugar and Fibro

>I don’t normally eat anything with artificial sweeteners, but my homemaker bought sugar-free ice cream a couple of weeks aga, and it was hot weather, and……I ate it. Didn’t seem to bother me, so I had her get me some more. I’ve had ice cream every day for about three weeks. Root Beer floats, cones, with fruit, plain. And I have gradually been getting worse and worse. Pain, complete lack of energy, more pain, til I am pretty much non-functioning at the moment. Sleeping a lot more than usual, too.

So I’m wondering if anyone else has any experience with this. Do any of you avoid artificial sweeteners? Have any of you had a bad reaction? Are there any other foods you avoid because they cause fibro flares? Let’s share the information, shall we? None of us is enjoying this illness, I’m sure. Maybe we can figure out better ways of dealing with it if we work together. I’m hopin’.

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