>It’s a gray, rainy day here. I do like rain. I may have mentioned that before. LOL Still waiting for the A/C guy to come and change the filter. It’s been a week today since he started, and usually he gets to me the first or second day. So everything has been out of the closet just waiting, cause that’s where he needs to get to change the filter. I finally got the laundry done yesterday. It’s been sitting in the washer since Friday, but fortunately, no water ever got into the washer so the clothes weren’t wet. Never buy a German washing machine. The two newer ones are Frigidare, and so far they work just fine. But that’s the second time my clothes have gotten trapped in the old washer. Note to self: remind homemakers NOT to use middle washer.

Slept on the couch again last night. I’ve realized I don’t really like sleeping in the bedroom. Not sure why. The living room is much nicer to wake up in. I guess I could try decorating the bedroom ala the living room, but I’m way too tired to do that. I’ve been tired for several days, and every afternoon the stiffness and pain levels go way up. Not sure why that is, either. Not sure of much, am I? LOL Oh, well.

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