>It was a good day

>Yesterday. My friend Tess called me in the morning to see if I was up for going to the park with her to walk the dog. Was I!!! LOL Mostly I sat and watched birds and people while she and the dog walked, but I did get to hold the leash while we walked back to the car. Misty (the dog) sniffed everything. I mean everything. She is the cutest dog that ever was. We took Misty home, then went out to lunch. Was going to call my friend Beth to see if she wanted to get together with us Thursday, but we decided to see if she wanted visitors and went to her house for a bit. Played with her granddaughter, who thinks I am very funny. Off to the liquor store for some Mayflower Porter, the best beer I’ve ever had. It’s from a micro-brewery in Plymouth, MA. Stop and Shop for a few groceries, back here to play Big Kahuna and then she went home. It was a fun day. I did a lot, but didn’t get over-tired and wasn’t really too much in pain later. It was a good day.

3 thoughts on “>It was a good day

  1. >It is, I agree. I’ve been more tired since, but still functional. Being able to function is the measure of a ‘good’ day, but I prefer not to think of any days as ‘bad’ ones. I just haven’t been able to come up with a better description. ‘Fibrolicious’ doesn’t quite fit, I think. *smile*

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