I moved in here April of 2000. Every year, the flowering pear trees across the street have made for a beautiful spring. Up until about three years ago, every year the petals would fall all over the street and sidewalk, and then the leaves would appear. The past three years, no petals have fallen. They just weren’t there anymore. Puzzling. Very puzzling. Then there is this year. No flowers. Well, I think I may have seen one or two, but it could have been the sun glinting off a leaf. Here are some pictures from various years. The last are taken today. Is it because it has been so dry? What could cause failure to bloom? Anyone? I find this very worrisome. Is it a harbinger of things to come? I know a lot of people choose to deny climate change. It is a pretty scary concept, and pretending to yourself it isn’t happening is a bit of a comforting option, even though in the back of your mind you have to know you are lying to yourself. But no bloom. No bloom. This can’t be good.



Not sure of the date on this one.

Today, just a few minutes ago.

Also today.

On a nothing to do with trees note, I have been really struggling. Lots of pain, walking is difficult, standing is very painful. See my doctor tomorrow. Hoping she can help. I did make a salad last evening. Chopped cucumber, chopped avocado, chopped scallions, mayo, lime juice, salt, and tobasco. Lovely. I like salad, so long as it’s not lettuce salad. Nooooo. Today I am going to make mango caprese, which is exactly like the tomato one, but with mango instead of tomato. I love mango and decided to try this once and yep. It’s a good one.

It was my birthday Thursday. My friend Tess usually brings a small cake for us to share, but had an appointment for a treatment, so brought a small cheesecake Tuesday. Yum. Spent the actual day alone and feeling like crap, but had a lovely chat with number one daughter which perked me right up, then Friday went to Westport to spend a couple days with my friends. Oh, my. Such a good time. We had tacos and steak on the grill, sat on the deck and talked and laughed, sat at the table, in the kitchen, in the living room and talked and laughed and just had a fantastic time.I did have to watch Shark Tank, which was pretty ick. I only have streaming, not regular tv, so had not seen this before. And hope to never see it again, either. Saturday was gray and cool, but we took a drive to the ocean which is just a ways down the street. Stayed in the car and just watched the waves. The dog started barking and when I looked there was a seagull on a poll who looked like he was just daring the dog to to something. Ha! Could not sleep at all Friday night, so when I got home Saturday night, I fell asleep around nine pm and slept 14 hours. Up a couple of hours. slept a few more. Guess I was tired. I am so fortunate to have good friends. These two, and the two who live near me. Lucky Jean is happy to have good friends. I had not been there since August of 2019, just before the pandemic. Was so good to be back.

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