was a good day. I got to go out.

Took an Aleve. First time since before bleed, since was told that might have been a contributing factor. So far all good. Tess put a towel on the car seat, just in case, though. She is so weird. LOL

I will say that nothing went well. NOTHING. First to the bank to replace my card because the chip quit working. Since I don’t have a driver’s license or picture ID that isn’t 20 years old, the bank person had to go through hoops to get me the new card, which took a lot longer than you’d think, but she very kindly was determined to get me a new card. Which works. So thank you bank lady. I have a great bank anyway. It’s a local bank, and is much better and nicer and less expensive for things than the big banks I dealt with in the past. So yay.

Then we went to Joanne’s. Again issues with this, issues with that, everything took ten times as long as needed. But in the end I got a Butterfinger, cause by then I was starving. Also, Joanne’s is ridiculously over-priced, even more than it used to be.

Then we went to Target to return the disaster of a laptop I bought last week. Did not have the right number for the return, but the guy was able to use my credit card to get the refund anyway, so it did work out. By now, I can barely walk even hanging off the shopping cart, but it was fun. Got a couple things I needed there, too, so that was good.

THEN we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond cause the saleswoman at Target said they had much better neck massagers there and I really wanted to get one since my neck and shoulders have been causing me some serious pain since this whole health debacle started in August. Got a new checker, I did warn him it wasn’t going to go well, which it didn’t, but got everything in the end. And I made him laugh, which is always an excellent thing.

Next was stop off at Dunkin’s, cause starving Jean was not going to have enough energy to do any food prep. Got a sourdough breakfast sandwich, which isn’t horrible. Not saying it’s good, rather tasteless, but not horrible (inedible). And no issues there. So home at last, totally exhausted, but happy. Happy Jean is happy. We unboxed the neck thing, which kind of drapes over your shoulders and goes up your neck and is like a heavy-ish really soft vest. It plugs in. Cannot wait to use it.

So good day. Good friend to put up with slow, whiny, miserable, ever-so-slightly insane Jean who was laughing hysterically through a lot of this. I am very lucky in my friends. And Gertrude was happy to see us back and quite enjoyed sniffing every single thing I bought.

Oh, also, in between bright sun here and there, we had a very brief spate of sleet. Little round knobs of snow. It was so cool. No pun intended. LOL Winter!!! It’s a good thing.

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