So hoping the hot and stickies will be gone now. We’ll see. I have gone back to 5 mg pred instead of alternative 4/5, in hopes this will help with the pain and exhaustion. It usually takes a week or more to work, but fingers crossed. If it doesn’t help, I will need to see the doctor, because something is going on for sure. But it’s September. Autumn has begun. My favorite season. Apples, winter squash, leaves, cool weather. School supplies. I miss having to buy school supplies.

Ordered some packaged food, the kind you just zap or add water and zap. Cooking is just not happening. I can barely manage to make the coffee or toast an eng muff some days. So over this.

Trees across the street are really hurting. Some dead twigs full of leaves, the rest of the leaves seem to be shriveling up. It has never been this bad in my memory. I read that it may come to doing some sort of in-home rationing, as well as lawns and all. Although how that would be enforced is beyond me. I don’t use a lot of water, especially since showers are getting further and further apart, because too exhausted. Even with a shower seat, it is very exhausting. Not sure why. Laundry goes to the laundromat, but that’s only about twice a month, since I just kind of schlep around in my sleep clothes most of the time. Seersucker pants and a tee shirt. Comfort clothing for the win. Wash the unders by hand, which uses very little water, and don’t have a lot of dishes to be washed, either. I am such a good citizen. Or maybe it’s just that I have no life, so don’t need a lot of resources to get by. 🙂

Hard to see, but all those twigs should not be visible, the tree should be fully covered with green leaves.

Hope this autumn goes better for us all than the last several have. Please vote. I know it’s hard, I had to google the people running in my area, cause I only knew anything about those running for higher offices. All offices matter, cause that’s how the fanatics got in. Get elected as dog catcher, work your way up, next thing you know, we have fanatical morons running our country. It matters that you vote, and it really matters who you vote for. Most of us know how to do a web search. It doesn’t take that long to get info on each candidate and where they stand on the issues that matter to you. I use Duck Duck Go, not Google, but it’s easier to say google. LOL Happy Autumn, all of you. Be safe.

Plymouth Harbor, Mass. in September. Constantine Gregory

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