Just resting. Weird cat is weird.

Still very tired and weak. Some days I think I am getting better, other days I know I am not. It’s going to be a long, slow process, I think. Not looking good for getting any other services besides my two-hour weekly homemaker, but still hoping. Now taking iron supplements and yesterday just started potassium supplements, so I am hoping they will make a difference, and soon. I don’t know if it’s just the blood loss, or if it’s that anything that happens seems to exacerbate the fibromyalgia and it’s a combination of both. Whatever, I just want to feel better and be able to function again. Yesterday, walking to the door from the couch and back when my homemaker came was totally exhausting.

Yes, it’s a mess, but there’s the door

Got my new phone a few days ago. Been playing around with it, but have not changed the sim card over yet. Last new phone had glitches and I returned it, so happy that I had not changed the card right off the bat. Make sure everything works first. This one is a Moto Stylus, which is weird in one way, but kind of cool in another. The stylus slides up the right side of the phone and is very, very thin. My old phone is having some issues, and I really needed a replacement. Moto phones are pretty inexpensive, but they do what I want and generally work really well till I have worn them out. LOL I still miss my Nokia flip phone which was my first phone. DD2 gave it to me way back when. I loved that little phone. Of course, it wasn’t ‘smart’ but the phone part was the important bit back then. How quickly we become dependent on these little wonders. I have a reminder with alarm, voice recorder, note pad, google keep, One Note, a sticky note widget, weather apps, Kindle (Which was so handy for reading my books in the hospital. Put it on battery saver and it does not disturb anyone else with light shining, and is so easy to swipe to next page. Love it.). I have a scanner, a couple of games, and Dropbox as well. Everything I need, something that was definitely proved to me while I was in hospital.

Anyway, hoping hoping hoping to get better sometime in the near future. We’ll see how that goes. Trying to do what’s needed, eating salad after salad after salad, two bananas a day for the potassium, oatmeal, lots of water. It’s hard to eat so much food, though, I will say. Oh, and berries. Berries are apparently really good for you. I like raspberries and blackberries. In my mind blueberries are for cooking, but I’m sure I will be eating them raw as well. It’s almost blueberry season here in Mass. We used to pick them in the woods. Free blueberries. It’s a good thing.

Things I’m Supposed To Eat

Be safe, people.

7 thoughts on “LITTLE UPDATE

  1. I think about picking berries all the time! And remember the raspberries along the parking lot of, what, Piggly Wiggly or some store?

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