I have a sinus infection. Called doctor yesterday, will not prescribe antibiotic without seeing me first. But is fully booked, so can’t see me, and I didn’t have any way to get there yesterday anyway. Suggested allergy pill or nasal spray. A few hours later, someone else called and said they spoke to the backup doctor who said I should go to urgent care, which I did today. Got the meds. Yay. Hurt absolutely everywhere. Is this from the infection or just a really bad fibro day or what?

Had fun at urgent care. My friend was playing a word game on her phone and we were cracking up laughing. People probably thought we were a bit crazy, which we both are. Crazy is fun. Nice people at Urgent Care which is in the same place my old doctor was. Am going to try to get a new doctor there, because so not happy with the new place I am going to. I can probably get a doctor, but none of them are taking appointments for new patients til November. Meanwhile, I can go to Urgent Care if I need to. Liking this.

Nice day, more leaves are popping out, but blooms are still gorgeous. Cloudy up. Rain? I like rain. Be safe, people.

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