Got to go out today. Went to two Dollar Stores, Walgreen’s for scrips, DQ for a banana shake, and Trader Joe’s. Oh, how I love Trader Joe’s. I wish it was closer, cause I could do weekly shopping there and just have loads of fresh foods, already prepped. Salads and sandwiches and cut up fruit and so much good stuff. Mandarin Orange Chicken, which is frozen and needs cooking, but is so easy, and soooo tasty. Frozen cubes of grated ginger for hot ginger tea.

Was a lot of fun. Hadn’t seen Tess in a couple of weeks, either, so that was good.

The trees across the street are all flowered up now, too. Very pretty, Gorgeous day out. So nice to be outside. Been some time since I was outside. Wish I had a porch, or a yard. Oh, well. But it was a very good day, so happy Jean is tired but happy. 🙂

5 thoughts on “WOO HOO

  1. I agree, Trader Joe’s is da bomb! The parking, though…lol Both of the ones here in town need parking lots 3x the size they are. And that chicken, yum!

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