Is It Me?

Just some things that irritate me.

On a recipe I was reading: ‘substitutes mashed potatoes for parsnips’. Don’t they mean ‘substitutes parsnips for mashed potatoes’? You’re replacing the potatoes with parsnips. What you are substituting is parsnips. What you are substituting them for is potatoes. I see this all the time, and every time, I think, ‘Wait, that’s backwards’.

People who say ‘span’ when they mean ‘spun’. Drives me batty.

People who don’t wear masks in public places. There are vulnerable people out there, just because you’re immune and immortal does NOT mean you should not have consideration for those who are neither. Such narcissistic self-serving selfishness has taken over so many of us. It is disgraceful and I am ashamed of my fellow humans who exhibit this.

That’s all I can think of right now. Very tired today. Woke up at 7:30, fed Miss G, and back to sleep til 12:30pm. The course of the fibro is going really weirdly. I suppose I could say the fibro is being Strangely Peculiar. Ha Ha. Little (very little) joke there. Several days of misery, then suddenly I am better, really better, and able to get things done. Not like ‘sort the mail’ stuff, but ‘move the microwave over there instead’ stuff. ‘Clear off the counter, finally’, stuff. Don’t know what has made the difference. The only real change I can think of is I started taking my thyroid meds at night instead of first thing. But I still have really painful, exhausted, miserable days, so whatever is going on is not a complete fix. I just do as much as I can on those good days, and love every minute of it. Yesterday was a good day except my back really hurt. I think I slept wrong. I was still able to do things, though. Again, serious things. I think doing that while dealing with so much pain is why I am sooo tired today. Whatever is going on, I am just really, really happy to be having these good days. I have gotten a lot of things cleared out, reorganized, rearranged. Happy Jean is happy.

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