It is ten degrees. Ten. Another bright sunshiney day. But cold. Did not make it up til 7:45 or so, breaking my five-day record of getting up at or before 7am. 7am is usually my equivalent of 1or 2 am for someone who goes to bed at a normal time, so big deal being able to get up that early. Really big deal, and I am loving it. Less pain today, too, so maybe recovered from my three days of seriously getting things done followed by two days of ow, ow, ow. Still getting some things done. Dishes, and yesterday I cooked. Had some leftover baked pork chops and found a decent recipe to use them. Chop them and some cooked potatoes and an onion,. Fry the onion in butter, add the meat and potatoes, cook a bit, add 1/2 cup milk, 1 can cream of whatever you like soup, Worcestershire, Tobasco, s&p and cook a bit. Tasty. Can add other chopped veg, but noooo. LOL So leftover leftovers for today. I even washed most of the dishes after. Just the skillet which I did already this morning. OMG, is this really me? Have I been taken over by pod people who clean or something? IDEK.

Did NOT add peas and carrots because ewww.

Found my original Kindle receipt. As of September of 2021, I have had it for ten years, and have used it virtually every single day since, sometimes for hours if I am having a bad day. Reading is very helpful on bad pain days. Or bad exhaustion days. It has gotten pretty slow, and I’ve had to change the battery once, but it still works, thank goodness. Why they stopped making keyboard Kindles is beyond me. I really resent when choices are taken away from you by companies who think they know best. Wrong, Amazon. Touchscreens suck for a lot of us. Okay, end of that rant. for the cover. Otherwise, it’s just black.

Found this in my pictures folder.

Nothing is exactly what I expect. Lesson learned after contracting a chronic, debilitating illness. I don’t expect my emails to be replied to, my phone calls to be returned, people to turn up when they say they will. I used to. Silly me. Thinking I mattered. Here’s another:

Yeah, who needs them anyway, right? LOL

I am thinking it’s going to be another at least semi-good day. Fingers crossed. Have not even needed tylenol yet. Yay. One more weird thing. Twice now I have been woken in the night by the sound of something falling, like Miss G pushed something off of something onto the floor. However. When I get up to look once it’s actually morning, there is nothing out of place. Does she morph into an opposable-thumbed, walks on two legs, creature and replace whatever it was while I am sleeping? What? Whatty what what?? Puzzled Jean is puzzled. 🙂

Time to make the coffee. Been having nuked oatmeal first thing, since I moved my pill to before bed and don’t have to wait an hour to eat. Or have coffee. Anyway, half cup rolled oats or meusli, half cup water, half cup milk, zap three minutes. Hot bowl. Caution. Add a spoon of brown sugar and it’s good to go. Or to eat. Whatever. Lord, I am delirious this early in the morning. LOLOL Stay safe, people, and have a great day.

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