After almost an entire week on the couch, sleeping most of the day, Friday I woke up at 5:45, feeling the energy, and got things done. Saturday, up also early, getting more things done. Today, up at 7, lots of pain from all I did Friday, and very tired, but still got some things done. Do not know what changed, what I did or didn’t do to make a difference, or maybe it was nothing I just did and it just happened, but I plan to enjoy it however long it lasts. But weird.

As for the getting things done, I cleaned and reorganized my counters and kitchen cart. Looks so much better. It was a cluttered mess and now the counters are clean and have working room to chop veg or mix dough or whatever. Moved the toaster oven and the microwave and everything is much more accessible. Very pleased with myself. Also did some hand laundry, and cleaned the bathroom and did some tidying up in the living room. These are mostly things I do not normally have the energy for, except in very small increments of time. There was a lot of ‘move microwave, lie down for 10 or 15 minutes, clear off small counter, lie down for 10 or 15 minutes, wash counter, lie down……. and so on. But I got things done. Major achievement for me. Happy Jean is happy.

And it was snowing when I woke up and has been snowing all day. Actual snow, like winter is supposed to have. Not a blizzard, like the other day, not a brief snow and the sun comes out, but a real, all-day, beautiful gentle snow. I love winter.

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