But not necessarily in a bad way. Reading an newsletter. Headline for one article begins, ‘A.C.D.C. study found that….’ and my first thought was ACDC, the rock group? Nooooooo. It’s ‘a C.D.C. study…’ Duh!

Was in the 40’s today. Melty snow, oh yes. Maybe more snow and ice Friday. Of course. Homemaker day. Groceries, etc. I have backup canned goods and all so not worried, but sheesh. I used to have someone twice a week. Worked out better for me. Really hard to get people to do the job anymore. Crap work, even crappier pay. It’s never the people who do the actual work that get the good pay. So not fair.

I managed to stay awake four hours between two daily sleeps. Yay. Been a long time since my sleep schedule was this messed up. I once stayed awake for four days straight. Just could not sleep. Then I did. LOL

I’m sure you all know by now that today was 2/2/22. Oh, the excitement. Especially when you consider that time and dates are human constructs, and do not actually mean anything except a way to keep track of things. Okay, I am done. Just going to sit here and drink my tea, thank you very much. Oh, if any of you have PBS Masterpiece, and don’t get me started on how a public television network, paid for by donations and taxes, has devolved into several different ‘have to pay for this to see that, have to pay for something else to see this’. That is so wrong. Anyway, The Mountain Detective is a French show that is pretty good, but has the most amazing scenery. Who knew France even looked like that? Not me. Check it out if you can.

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