Actually, it’s ‘What ho, Fernando’, one of those ‘you had to be there kind of things, maybe. But anyway. It is warmer today thank goodness. My fireplace tripped the circuit-breaker twice in succession while I was watching Traces on Britbox on Prime. You pay for Britbox, then you can watch it on Prime. Good show, and there is going to be a second season. I watched because Martin Compston from Line of Duty. I like Martin Compston. It’s 7,99 a month, I think, and a LOT of good British shows on there.

My Fireplace

Does not have all that on it now, because Gertrude. 🙂

Anyway, turned off the fireplace and warmed things up with my heater fan til I was ready to sleep, then turned it on again earlier this am to take the chill off. Have fireplace and tv on now, listening to Pandora Instrumental Christmas music station, which has NO Christmas music weirdly enough, and so far no problem. But it’s 42 out, so not going to get too chilly in here anyway.

Why is there always something? As far as I know, we have no maintenance person, and I don’t want to make any waves anyway since my landlord has been trying to get me out for three or four years now Guess I can’t blame him, cause rents are skyrocketing, and my is not that high and is subsidized. But Miss G and I have to live somewhere, right?

Seriously considered getting my act together and walking up to the new Meat Market store about half a block away, and getting cold cuts for Christmas. Or something. But I will so talk myself out of it, like I always do unless I have someone to go with. This is how I have always been. Fine with someone else, but hardly ever go anywhere on my own. Not sure why, just how it is. I am. Whatever.

I’m tired today. So I guess that’s it. Be safe, people. Be safe.

3 thoughts on “WHAT HO. READERS?

      • I didn’t make any waves, except to inform Housing of his latest scam. So then, he renegotiated with them and my rent has now gone up 100.00, But the heat is working and I have my air cleaner on med hi, so it’s all good. We are gearing up for the storm today. So far, nothing. 🙂

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