Snow up north of us, but none here. It looks damp outside, and it’s 38. Remember when it was 57 yesterday? I had a window open. Ah, well. I am missing winter. Easier to get around this way, not that that matters to practically home-bound me. Check out the website mentioned below. Alexey Kljatov. Fantastic pictures of snowflakes. I love snowflakes. I have a replica picture of one taken by the original snowflake guy, Wilson Bentley.

I have decided to work at getting myself in hand and motivated and on some sort of a routine, but today I got up at 11:30 or so, because I just cannot sleep before 4 or 5 am.. Frustrating. I just am not meant to be a morning person.

So because of the ‘Eve’ holidays, no homemaker til January 7th, and no Tess and Ed this week because of her leg issue. She does a LOT of walking, and pulled a muscle or something. Pain is not fun. (Gertrude is playing with the cord to my candle warmer that I keep my coffee on while I’m sitting here. No, Miss G. Just no.) I could go out. I can go out. I have my walker now, and there is no snow to impede progress, but I get up so late and it takes so long to get it together, literally hours, once I am up, that by the time I’d be ready to go out, it would probably be dark already. Sometimes I think life would be easier if it wasn’t just me, if there was sometime to encourage me to do things or do them with me or whatever. It is easier to force myself to get it together if I have someone to go somewhere with. I think the excitement from the prospect of having some fun raises endorphins or something, making things easier.

But living alone has advantages, too. Do not have to consider any one else’s needs, or what they want to watch, or eat or whatever. As for watching, I have been watching a Christmas movie every day. Some are not that bad, some are kind of nice, and some are ‘shut this down now’ after the first five minutes. I am saving White Christmas for closer to the day. I love that movie. The snow. I love snow. Watching those old movies set in New England back in Colorado, I also loved the snow. We got snow, but nothing like in those movies. Nothing like when we lived in New Hampshire, either. That was some snow, but it doesn’t snow like that anymore. We had blizzards when I first moved to this apartment in 2000, now, apparently, snow is going to just be a very rare occurrence. I’ve have seen articles about people mourning over the climate changing. I totally get that.

People are unloading their car at the laundromat across the street, and it looks like they have either been saving up laundry for the entire year, or a doing the laundry of a small town. That is a LOT of laundry. Homemaker did mine yesterday. One load. I do a lot by hand in the bathroom sink, when I am able. šŸ™‚

Ordered in from Papa Gino’s last night, since they have mozzarella sticks back on the menu. I love their mozzarella sticks, or I did, anyway. Don’t those look good? They don’t look like that now. They are skinny and the cheese kind of strings out. Very salty, too. But the super steak sub with banana peppers instead of green peppers (do not love green peppers) was really delish, and I have some left, along with the salad I bought, for today. I do not like salad, but I don’t think have eaten any vegetables for weeks except if they came with a lunch or my dinner out with my friend. Oh, that was fish and chips. Chips are vegetables, right? Our local Irish pub, owned and operated by a true Irish family with the same surname as my friend’s family name. So we almost always go there. Their food is really good, except Irish bangers are just no. Found a recipe online and they are 3 parts pork and 1 part pork fat, with seasonings and such. I think that’s why I don’t like them. They are soft and kind of icky. DD2 warned me, but I like to try new things. No. They have the best Guinness stew, though. OMG it is good and served on a big mound of mashed potatoes. Too bad they don’t deliver.

On the subject of food, still, since my breakfast bars were stolen, I got some Jimmy Dean bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for something relatively easy in the morning. No. Just no. Maybe if I figured out how to do them in the toaster oven instead of the microwave they would come out better, but….. I only got 4, not 8, which I am happy about. šŸ™‚ Sorry Jimmy.

Rambling Jean is rambling today. Have not been up long enough for the brain to really kick in.

Discussed with homemaker her thoughts on going back to self-isolation. She said most of her clients cannot go out, so it’s not an issue for them. She is also concerned with the lack of caution exhibited by so many people now. Even the delivery person last night was not masked. I never go out or even open the door without a mask on. Something to think about, anyway. It’s raining. Winter. I miss winter.

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