Not My Best Week

Out Monday, lunch at Panera, except not. While waiting for my friend to park the car, people kept coming into Panera with no masks. No masks on staff, either. I decided this was not a good idea, so we left and got pretend food at Dunkin Donuts. Then Walmart, because as I’ve said, I have completely abandoned my principles in favor of getting what I need easily. Then grocery store, because I needed a few things. Had not been in a grocery store in a very long time. Was fun. However, two stores in one day seems to have been way over my limit of doability. Tuesday I was very tired, but oddly had bursts of energy here and there and got a few things done. Wednesday was back to sleeping most of the day, same Thursday, and a bit better Friday. Tired today, and my body hurts, but not completely incapacitated. Maybe I will get something done. Maybe not.

Made perked coffee in my one-cup percolater, because the pour-over is never hot enough. Took forever, it seemed, but at least it was hot coffee.

#2 DD sent me this. Made me laugh.

My lower-calorie cat food was delivered and stolen before I could get it from downstairs. Got a refund, but why oh why do they insist in leaving all packages in the outer lobby that is open to the street? I complain but nothing changes. Things used to be delivered to my door. The richer Bezos gets, the worse Amazon service gets, it seems.

Been gray all week and cold. Warmer today and rainy, but still gray, obviously. Rain needs clouds, clouds means gray. Yes, I have lost my marbles. Seen them anywhere, anybody?

Trying to avoid as much as possible anything having to do with politics and stupid, stupid people. Kind of binge-watching season 2 of In The Dark, loving the guy who plays Josh, Theodore Bhat, great to see Rich Sommer again, and watched the first four eps of Defending Jacob. Still loving Ted Lasso. Grantchester on PBS. QI, cause laughing hysterically is a very good thing. Narrowboat shows. Not sure I could live on one, but the scenery is spectacular. Finished Another Life. I really like Samuel Anderson, who plays William, and have since he was on Doctor Who.

It was a good, if a bit confusing at times, show. Am watching Invasion, which is nothing like you’d think it would be, and was very happy with a certain outcome in episode 4, because I hate, hate, hate people like that particular cretinatious one. Is that even a word, cretinatious? Do I care? LOL

Have not had a chance to really try out my walker. So want to walk up the street and check out the new shops (I love my town), but either incapacitated or gray and rainy out. So maybe sometime soon. Ordered a walker for my DD’s partner, who has had back surgery and needs it, and of course Not Really Amaz(ing)on, is screwing up the delivery. What else is new?

Did I mention that Gertrude had worms and got treated and has had a major personality change since? Back to the cute and affectionate and not hostile kitty she had been until recently, so I guess her unpleasant personality was a result of not being well. Wish I knew how to tell if something is wron or just her being grumpy. Glad she is back. Glad vet gave her such a clean bill of health. Even teeth and gums are spectacular. I do believe this is a result of her only ever eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness grain-free food since she moved in. Glad I got her so young, too. Not quite three months old, so did not have long eating Friskies. Friskies is corn. Cats do not eat corn, people. Geez. She was two in June, so over two years of Blue Buffalo. Think they’ll give me a discount for plugging them? LOL Not really plugging them, just relating how well Miss G is doing eating their food. She just needs more exercise, and those darn giant cat wheels are really expensive and no guarantee she’d use it anyway, so all I’ve got is a laser light that she chases a bit then lays down and watches it. No, Gertrude. You need to move, darn it.

This one is 500 dollars. Five Hundred dollars.

Did find some vids on how to make your own cat wheel. Like that’s going to happen.

Anyway, that’s my update. Hope you are all staying safe and wearing your masks, not watching that underminer of democracy and sanity called Fox News, and are definitely NOT Republican. Sorry, Republicans, but OMG what has happened to your intelligence? Trump is not god, Tucker Carlson is not a prophet, and really, you should think about what you’re doing here. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Not My Best Week

    • It was kind of odd. She had been hostile for a while, but the worms just suddenly appeared one day and as soon (literally) as I put the meds on her, they disappeared. Vet said that’s how it works. Weird. But except for the hostility, there was no other sign to say anything was wrong until the worms showed up. Ewwwww. Fortunately for me, I got the meds the next day, I think, and that was that.

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