Language Erasure

A quote from an article in today’s New York Times Morning Newsletter:

“Beginning in the 1850s, the country’s European settler government punished children who spoke the language at school and isolated Maori families by embedding them in white neighborhoods. New Zealand declared Maori an official language in 1987, but by then most of its speakers were older.”

I think the thing that really began to turn me away from religion, before I decided I am actually an atheist, was the move ‘Hawaii’. I was incensed at the treatment the missionaries doled out. It really made me think about the arrogance and self-righteousness of Christians. How many cultures have they tried to destroy the languages and traditions of? Your way is not the only way, it is not the better way, it is just one way to deal with the world. It’s like most things; your right to your beliefs ends when it begins to infringe on my beliefs. Your right to not wear a mask or get vaccinated ends when it infringes on my health and well-being. If you want to believe in a certain version of ‘god’, fine, but do it in your own space. You don’t have the right to force me to believe what you believe. If you don’t want to wear a mask or get vaccinated, fine, but keep to your own space. You don’t get to contaminate mine and risk my health or my loved ones health or your own loved ones health, for that matter. How many have died because an unvaccinated or unmasked loved one infected them. Your rights do not trump my rights. If you choose to reject science, expect to be excluded from things. It was your own choice that excluded you. Okay, this is a bit rambling/ranting, but this article just made me angry and frustrated. Sorry about that, except not really. I am so over self-centered, ‘why yes, I do choose to be ignorant’, selfish morons.

On the bright side, took Miss G to the vet yesterday, and she is very healthy, except for needing to loose a bit of poundage. She just does not get enough exercise, poor baby. I do not over feed her, and couldn’t if I wanted to, cause she is an extremely picky eater and really does not even eat all of her food in a day. So switching to a weight-loss Blue Buffalo. It only comes in chicken, but it’s the only grain-free one I could find. Hate to even change, because she is doing so well on the Wilderness varieties I mix together and feed her. Had to buy it from Amazon, too, because would have to buy waaaay too much to get free shipping from Chewy, which is my usual supplier. Once I can go back to her normal food, it will be back to Chewy, cause I am really happy with them.

Lunched out and went to Walmart before vet visit. Ate a a place with no masks and no distance seating, but they had an empty separate room for larger parties, so I insisted on being seated there, away from everyone. It’s always a risk, but after so long being just here on my own and never going out at all, I really do not want to not get to have lunch out with my friend Tess, or anybody else, if I knew anybody else who wanted to lunch with me


Hate going to Walmart, but just have had to give up on my principles if I ever want to get anything I need. I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to be a responsible citizen, and buying organic, humanely raised, etc., wherever possible, and not giving my money to the greedy jackasses out there, but choices keep getting narrower and narrower. It’s true what they say, humanity, you can’t fix stupid, and we seem to have stupidity going on to the max.

But it was a good and fun day, and me and the vet and the assistant had a lot of laughs. You can have fun anywhere, even when your baby is getting shot. Shots. LOL She behaved so very well, too. Did not even flinch when she got the injection, or he was poking around her innards or her ears or whatever. She is such a good girl, even is she is no longer tiny and cute. She weighs 13 pounds. Thirteen. Good grief Gertrude. No wonder it is excruciatingly painful when she walks on me. Yes, she like to walk and stand on me. Owwwwww. Do they make treadmills for cats, do you think?

Gertrude now
Just moved in with me

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