My Day So Far

Did not take Elavil last night or today. Was awake til 8am, phone rang at 9, nuisance caller, slept til 11:30, I think. Messed about on laptop. Tired. Had a protein bar and coffee for breakfast, two frozen waffles with butter and maple surple for lunch, and now have made the cottage pie. I made the filling yesterday. Browned the meat, special grass-fed beef, added the creamed corn and the turkey gravy cause I only had turkey gravy, Heinz in a jar. Stashed in the frig overnight.

So now I cubed and boiled 2 russets, did not peel them because that would take way too many spoons. Cooked them, drained them, and there they are ready to be mashed when it occurs to me that I do not even own a potato masher. So I improvised with my big metal spoon with holes, which I think is officially named Big Metal Spoon with Holes. Had to sit on the couch with the pan on the coffee table to ‘mash’ them, because running out of spoons at an alarming rate. You do know the spoon theory, I hope. There is also the fork theory, which I think is pretty much ‘stick a fork in me, I’m done’. Cause I usually am. Overdone, even. Exhaustion can be fun. No, no it can’t.

Glomped them onto the meat mix, grated some cheddar in the nutribullet, and glomped it onto the mash and the stove and the floor. Was going to take pictures of before baking, but by then I could barely stand up, so no pics. Threw the pan into the preheated toaster oven, cause I am learning after ten bazillion years cooking that preheating is a good thing. Tried to clean up the cheese as best I could, and almost did not make it to the couch to collapse. Miss G, of course, thinks that lying directly in the way of where my feet need to go is fun, so almost did not make it at all.

So it’s going to bake for maybe an hour because it was cold from the frig and I want it hot and bubbly. Next I will have to clean the toaster oven, but I think I will just throw the shelf and tray in the dishwasher and be done with it. I love my toaster oven. Makes fantastic toast, and I bought pans that fit in it for baking and cookies, etc, so I don’t need to heat the oven to cook just for me.

I also thought for the entire day that it is Thursday and made some calls accordingly. Oh, well. I just left messages so hope they will get that I didn’t mean actual Thursday, but actual Friday. Fun times. And I wasn’t even groggy today, just tired. May watch some tv. I am having trouble with deciding what to watch, and I keep starting a show and then it’s nope, not now. Then I just read. I love my kindle. There are a few things that I really, truly am ever so glad I purchased. My original kindle keyboard, my toaster oven, my electric kettle and how did I ever live without that little beauty?, my white folding table that just fits my laptop and mouse so I can sit in the rocker and laptop, My little table that I think is meant to be against the back of a sofa as it’s flat on one side, and is really pretty. I keep it under the windows and did keep my laptop on it, but now that almost all the stores across the street are empty and cardboarded, it’s too depressing, so I use the coffee table mostly. Another great item. The top lifts up to table height and it’s made of sustainable rubber wood. Wordy today, aren’t I. Now I am exhausted, so done, done, done. 🙂

My table and First Gertrude when things were a different mess than they are now,

2 thoughts on “My Day So Far

    • It’s really pretty easy. It took me two days, but that’s because I am barely functional, but in reality, it only takes maybe half an hour to put together. Cook the beef, boil and mash the potatoes takes the longest, except for baking when it’s all together. I am getting about 4 or 5 meals out of it, too.

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