Something I read today, which explains me very well to myself. “having bad executive function means that anything that you can’t see doesn’t exist” It’s the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ thing, magnified by a zillion. This applies to every thing in my life. If I can’t see it, I completely forget that it exists, which can be helpful at times, but is more often a hindrance. I buy something I already have, I buy something and forget I bought it if I’ve stashed it out of the way for now. Same goes with food. I can’t keep anything in the frig drawers, because I completely forget that there is food in them. I now keep the cat’s dry food in one of them, cause it keeps better, and since I open that drawer all the time, I remember what’s in it. The other one I have no idea if there’s anything in it or not. I should go look, right?

I top mine with about a ton of grated extra sharp cheddar. Oh, yum.

I wanted to cook today, since I bought…OMG….ingredients! What was I thinking? I want to make Cottage Pie, which is like Shepard’s Pie but with beef instead of lamb, but I am just sooooo tired. At least the pain is gone today. Pain, fatigue, or both. The joys of fibro. Past two days was pain, today is exhaustion. Oh, well. Better than those days when I have both at the same time. Maybe I can cook tomorrow. I even bought special grass-fed beef. What I really want is Trader Joe’s Chicken Marsala ready-meal, but it is quite a hike to TJ’s, and I have to wait til my friend wants to go so I can tag along. Wish they delivered, but they’re all the way up in Foxboro, so I imagine the delivery charge would be quite hefty. We have loads of Dunkin Donuts shops in my immediate area, you’d think they could add a TJ’s closer to me, but noooo.

Happy to see the moron turnout was practically nil in Washington, today. How did we get this insane, USA? People attacking people whose workplace requires them to wear masks. Seriously? Where is the reason, the sanity, the common sense, the just having a brain that works? IDEK, but it’s pretty depressing. Try to avoid as much as I can, but not getting on line at all is the only way, and I’m just not ready to do that. I do see people doing the right thing as well, so have not completely lost hope. So far. I need to eat something. That will cheer me up, right? 🙂

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