Is everywhere. Maybe it was before, but today is the first day I’ve been out where you can see some distance, and you can see the smoke everywhere. Last week, I thought it was up in the atmosphere, but it is ground level today. Still, my air quality app says air quality is Moderate. Hmmm. Scary. Seems the whole western part of the US is on fire. Here’s the site, if you’re interested. You have to let it access your location.

So, PT went well, but I did one exercise that was a bit uncomfortable, and my back hurts now, but hopefully it will be better tomorrow. Lunch after. Went to Friendly’s and split a Reuben and onion rings. Yum. I love onion rings. Reubens are good, too, and Friendly’s especially. Then…..Trader Joe’s. I love, love, love Trader Joe’s. Got two each of my fav dinners, enchilada verde and chicken marsala. Real mashed potatoes in that one. Real mashed potatoes. Froze one of each. Don’t see why freezing isn’t possible with them, so. Got some cup up fruit, enough yogurt to see out the rest of my ten days on antibiotics, and mango wine in cans. Something new. I am oh so fond of mango, and wine isn’t bad either, and the checker said it’s really good. Chilling as we speak. The wine, not the checker. Tess had to buy the wine, cause I don’t have the proper ID, like they can’t tell I’m old enough just by looking at me. LOLOL Listening to a playlist of Imagine Dragons (my current all-time favorite group), Mumford and Sons, say what you will, I adore their music, and Kongos and Barns Courtney. Good music, good day except for the smoke, and happy Jean is happy.

5 thoughts on “SMOKE

  1. It’s very noticeable here too. All windows closed and AC on. I really like Imagine Dragons. I’d never heard of them before you mentioned them a few years back. I like Mumford and Sons too. I’m not sure if I know the other two. I really like Poor Man’s Poison as well. Mango wine sounds fantastic! Let us know what you think. It seems a bit ridiculous that they wouldn’t let you buy the wine 😆

    • I closed the windows and turned on the a/c when I got home. Playing Feed the Machine, kind of makes me think of the group The Cog Is Dead. Liking it. Never heard of Poor Man’s Poison til now. TJ’s is very strict about ID, but that’s not a bad thing. Imagine Dragons. My first fav was Radioactive, now I am really into Roots and On Top of the World, and Monster, and Thunder, and, and, and. LOLOL I have their most popular songs playlist on Spotify and just listen to it all day some days. Unless I am binge-listening to Abney Park. I love Abney Park. Throw Them Overboard, Victoria, Airship Pirate, and, and, and, yet again. LOLOL It’s a good day.

  2. Friendly’s…I miss Friendly’s. We’ve lucked out with the smoke since it’s all heading elsewhere, but every now and again there’s a really strong whiff as if a house nearby is on fire. I put on a mask and it helps a bit.

    • You can’t really see or smell it until you are someplace where you can see distance, then it is obvious. Like humidty haze, but not. When you check the smoke map, it looks like the whole western US is on fire. It’s not that bad when you enlarge the map, but still scary. What have we done, humanity? I’m more upset by the birds, though. That is just horrific. Life just keeps getting harder, it seems. Ah,well.

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