Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

As I said to my friend Tess earlier, because it has time has warped back into November, or forward into November, whatever, and i is cold and wet and windy and I have had my heater fan on for hours, and the curtains closed to keep the cold wind from blowing straight in. I know, I could just close the windows, but they are hard to do, and besides, I like being cold, just not frozen. 🙂

Very unusual weather for this time of year, but it is not hot and sticky so it’s all good. Besides, I may have mentioned that I love rain and rainy days. Gertrude is scrunched up against me getting warmth from me and from the heater fan blowing on us. I need to get up for some food, but you know that law about not disturbing the cat? Yeah. At least I got coffee before we couched. Couch and couching are now verbs, because Tess. We have a lot of little inside jokes. We are very funny women. Her hubbies thinks we are a bit touched in the head, but he laughs anyway.

Was a bit better for about two days after upping the prednisone, but right back to the hobbling and standing only with leaning on something. But spirits are good. New homemaker came yesterday and cleaned in the kitchen, vacuumed, and broke down some boxes and took them away from here. Yay. I have ordered a new ‘good for cat hair’ vac, because the canister is the pits. Does not really get up the cat hair, but I actually think it’s magic hair. It falls off Gertrude all over the place, but she does not look any less hairy, and I think it reproduces once it’s on the rug, because the more homemaker vac’d, the more hair there seemed to be on the rug. I hate wall-to-wall carpeting. Hoping the new vac works. Was going to get the old upright fixed, but decided against it. Would probably not be worth whatever it cost.

My Trader Joe’s tulips are about ready to hit the dust, but it’s been a week, so value for money was good. Yellow tulips. I really like yellow tulips on my fireplace mantle. Ate well all week thanks to TJ’s, too. Wish they had built one closer instead of yet another dollar store type thing. It was the perfect spot for a TJ’s. Drat.

Are you all vaccinated now? I am fully done. Both shots and enough time after for them to have taken effect. So happy Jean is happy. Not so nervous about going out, but will still wear my mask. Seems there was no flu season, when normally several thousand people die from it every year, have seen a lot of people posting they have not had a cold for a year, and I can vouch for the fact that it helps with pollen allergies. Wear your mask. It helps you and your loved ones and friends around you as well. Be a good person, it’s pretty easy, really.

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