Just Shoot Me Now

Say I. And he did. Got my second vaccine today. So far, it’s all good. Great to be out. Lovely day once the sun came out. A bit chilly but nice. Very un-May like. Went to DQ after and had a strawberry shake. Yum. Very pleased to finally be fully vacc’d. Still going to wear a mask outside, though, and probably when anyone comes in for a while. Looking forward to my homemaker coming in and actual cleaning. Lord, does this place need cleaning.

Someone had a reaction while we were there, but did not seem serious and I was thinking if maybe it was psychological. From where I sat, it kind of looked like an anxiety attack. Cannot say for sure. So much negative untruth out there, I think if you believe it you can cause yourself to have a reaction subconsciously. Self-fulfilling prophecy. I think or am really worried that something will happen, thereby causing it to happen. All of those people spreading lies, many of whom have been vaccinated while telling their listeners how horrible it would be to get it, should be taken out and shot. Lying bastards. They want people to die? Why else would they do this? How does it benefit them except for the big one…ratings. Some people are truly disgusting specimens of humanity.

Just an aside re: shake. My friend and I both had one, and together they cost about the same as two small DQ vanilla cones. WTF? Why on earth does one small DQ cone cost over 4 dollars and as much as one shake? Why, DQ? Okay, all done for now. šŸ™‚

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