I don’t see anything about consequences for those in DCF who were involved. This hits home for me because not only did I work in a group home, I have had personal experience with DCF in the past. No experience with them was positive. Not one. In any context. I am saddened for this boy and his siblings, and angry that even after twenty years, nothing has really changed. DCF does not do the job. Sometimes, in my experience, they don’t even bother to try. It’s one more disgrace in this ‘great’ country.

2 thoughts on “Upsetting

    • I have read that there is a lot more domestic abuse. Women and children can’t get away when you can’t go anywhere or risk getting the virus. I grew up with an abuser, and if I could not run to the neighbor’s to call the cops, I don’t know what would have happened. Life should not be this hard, I think.

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