So It’s March

Spring is sprunging. It was 14 degrees fahrenheit at 7am. 14 degrees.

Took a muscle relaxer last night, since they work like knock-out pills on a good day. Woke up at 7am. In the morning. In pain. Lots of pain. Took three 8-hour Tylenol and am having yogurt. If the pain meds actually work, I am hoping to get the kitchen sorted today. I am so behind on everything that I am able to do on my own, because I haven’t been doing any of it. I don’t even have enough whatever to make coffee every morning. I mean, how easy is coffee? I will be so glad when I can have a homemaker come in again and get things sorted.

Am still rather discouraged by all that’s going on, but am trying not to read too much or think about it too much. It gets really hard to even scroll through Twitter briefly. So much negativity. Lots about all the bad stuff Biden is doing. Where were these people when the orange man was doing his horrible stuff? On the one hand, we have a cult of orange man worshipers, willing to believe any thing that comes out of his mouth, as is wont for cults, and on the other hand, we have people who at least seem to be trying to do the right things. It’s very frustrating.

I am watching a couple of good shows on Netflix. One is ‘Sisyphus’, a sci-fi weird show. I love sci-fi weird shows. The other is ‘My Holo Love’ a Korean sort of romance about a woman and an AI and his creator. Kind of light and fun. With a bit of sci-fi thrown in. Oh, hell. I love sci-fi. LOL Listening to my AWOL Nation station on Pandora. Imagine Dragons ‘Natural’ is playing right now. Good stuff.

Trying to develop a positive attitude, since I am up in the actual morning for a change, and feeling hopeful for accomplishing something today. So right on Jean. I hope. 🙂

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