I just saw a headline about ‘plant influencers’, people who influence you to buy this or that plant. Seriously. I think ‘influencer’ is a relatively new term, from what I’ve seen. ‘What have you done with your life, dearie?’ ‘I’ve influenced people to buy this or that. I am an influencer.’ I need to go back to bed.

Also, it’s snowing. Not much and it’s going to stop soon, but it’s at least a taste of winter. I miss winter.

Today is the big day. So glad I don’t have tv and don’t even have to know what’s going on until I am ready to know. I miss back when I thought people were mostly good and had working brains. I think I might have been ten or so. Way back a long time ago. I want to live in a different world. One where people care about each other and the things that really matter, but all we seem to be now are people who look for any reason possible to hate, and judge, and condemn, and harass, and just be horrid human beings in general. Capitalism has destroyed us. Really bad education hasn’t helped. Teach people to think for themselves, not to pass tests. Teach people that greed is NOT good. Teach people to care about things that aren’t profit. Too hard?

Wow. I am off to a great start today. Time for coffee. Did not wake up in so much pain, either, so one good thing. One is better than none, right? Wear a mask. Care about someone besides your own precious little selfish self. I am so over my species.

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