Still Here (cannot preview this, so hope it posts. I hate the block editor, WordPress.)

It was mentioned that I haven’t posted in a bit. Sorry about that. First, I could not focus or settle to anything, then I have just kind of shut down. Doing nothing. NO thing. Napping and reading and the odd bit of streaming watching. Almost through The West Wing. Really do not like the ones after the booted Sorkin. Depressing.

I have been alone too long, and it always messes with my head when that happens. But I will prevail, sooner or later, and get back to my normal bouncy, fun, interesting self. Oh, wait, I think that’s someone else, not me. Anyway. I always get over this eventually, so no reason to think it will be any different this time. Just getting back on the laptop after several days, and replying to a friend’s email and now writing here…these things help me not to keep feel like I am alone in the universe and no once actually cares. My homemaker is coming Tuesday after a couple weeks without, and she is nice, so that will cheer me up. I am really nervous about the whole homemaker coming in thing, but I cannot run the vacuum on my own or take out the trash, so I have to take the risk. Anyway. Hoping to post something positive and enlightening sometime soon. LOLOL I can feel the black hole, but refuse to be pulled in.

Black Hole of Depression

4 thoughts on “Still Here (cannot preview this, so hope it posts. I hate the block editor, WordPress.)

  1. Does the homemaker wear a mask? If you both wear one and if you can leave windows open it should be fine, but I can understand being nervous! Tasmania is reopening to visitors from low-risk states tomorrow and I’m a little nervous about that. It will be nice to have more guests, but I’ll be extra careful with cleaning etc. And just around the place.

    • She does. And gloves. But her main job is in a nursing home, so not happy about that. I wear a mask while she’s here, too. She only does the barest minimum, vac and take out the trash, and if there is anything drastic that I just cannot manage right now, like loading the dishwasher. So it’s usually less than one hour that she’s here.
      I would be nervous, too. Everything I’ve read about reopening anything has said that it led to more cases. Scary times.

      • You’re good as long as she keeps her mask on correctly. And just to make you feel safer, spray Lysol in the air and around where she was after she leaves.

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