Puzzled R US

I don’t understand this. These are from airnow.gov.

We are in the smoke. Then there is this, for my town:

How is it possible that we have good air quality? My asthma is acting up, for one thing. The sky at daybreak was weird-looking, too. Is the smoke so high up that it is passing right over us with no effect? My asthma disagrees.

In other news, I feel like crap, yet again. Everything hurts, and I have next to zero energy. Zapping a slice of pizza is a major to do, and I have to lean on the counter while I get the box out of the frig and put the pizza on a plate, and again as I wait the 90 secs it takes to take the chill off it. I won’t even go into reaching up to grab a plate from the cupboard. I am so over this.

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