Too Good to Ignore

From Twitter.

On another note, I fell in the shower today. I have never fallen. Actually, I was having trouble stepping out of the tub, because back pain is fun people, and the tub mat slipped. Down I went. Cracked my head on the tub, but am fine several hours later. Goose egg on head, which I iced after the fall, and does not hurt. Meanwhile, I am baking a shepherd’s pie from the Centerville Pie Company on Cape Cod. It is sold locally and my grocery-shopping friends picked it up for me today. They make single serve sort of hand pies, too. I have had the breakfast ones with sausage, egg, and cheese, and they are very tasty. Not an ad, just looking forward to real food. I am so over open box eat contents, but it is really hard to manage much else right now. I didn’t check the ingredients, but I believe it’s shepherd’s pie if it’s minced lamb, and cottage pie if it’s beef. Hmmm. Looked good frozen, so am hopeful.

Vote people. Please vote them out. They are ruining us. Deliver your ballot in person to your local town offices or wherever if at all possible, because they are doing everything they can to prevent your vote from getting there to be counted. This is the most disgraceful conduct I can possibly imagine happening right here in our own country, not some third-world dictatorship. The United States of America. I am beyond astounded that people actually want to vote for them. I do not understand that mind set, except that he has given the haters permission to do it openly. It’s okay to mock disabled people, and persecute those you don’t like and probably fine to beat your wife and children, and some of us are just loving that. Good grief. Please fight back.

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