Things Garnered From My Email

Lower back pain

Haven’t been on laptop a couple of days, and have only read the really pertinent emails on my phone. First, to let you know, I have been getting calls from ‘Amazon’ asking me to confirm a recent order. Hang up. Just hang up. Do not engage. Do not engage. After the first one, I checked with my credit card first, because did I forget an order? Seems unlikely, and no there is none on the card. Contact Amazon. Tech says Amazon does not make this kind of phone call and they are fishing for my info. Hang up. Just hang up the damn phone, people.

Here’s some things that I came across in my email:

1. I found this one quite interesting, as I’ve wanted to ditch the tech giants as well, but have found how hard it is. I managed to dump Facebook and Instagram, but that’s it.

2. Interesting as well, but not something I’m going to do.

3. This goes with the above.

4. Also disturbing, also about tech giants.

5. This is just disturbing, because it does seem that little or nothing is actually being done. No consequences? Seriously?

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