Unhappy Jean is Unhappy

So I have started having a homemaker come on Fridays to do shopping and take out the trash. Handoffs through the door. She has come twice. Today, she said she was not feeling well. Bye, say I, and shut the door. Seriously? I have self-isolated for four months except for the fire alarm, and they send me an unwell person? WTF? How are we supposed to stay safe if the people in the health care business don’t even monitor their own employees. “She said she was just tired today” I was told when I called the agency about it. That’s not what she said to me, and do you not check? These people go into compromised people’s homes. Elderly people, people with chronic illnesses like me, and they can just expose us without a thought? Not happy. Not at all happy. Called my caseworker, and waiting for a call back. Stay safe, people. It may look like life is normal, but it is not, and is not going to be for a very long time, in spite of what the orange man and his worshipers want you to believe. It is on you to look out for yourself, and more importantly, for your loved ones. You may never get sick, but you can still pass on the virus to those friends and neighbors and family who may already be at risk. You can kill people with your selfishness and your misplaced outrage at being asked to wear a mask. It is to protect every one else, not just your own oh so special self. I do not understand the lack of compassion and sensitivity to other people’s needs that this administration has glorified in a good number of our fellow citizens. Selfish, selfish, selfish. The American Way. You all make me sick. No pun intended.

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