The Confederacy

Am I the only one appalled to realize how pervasive the representation of those who fought a war to keep owning slaves is in the land of those who won that war?  What on earth.  There are statues of Confederate leaders in Congress.  Their flags on military bases.  Why on earth are we holding them in such esteem?  They wanted to keep owning slaves and fought a war to do so.  What is wrong with us?  Where are the statues of the Nazis?  Oh, wait, if the orange man has his way, I would not be surprised to see them popping up all over.  Where are the statues of the Japanese we fought during the Second World War?  Why are we not revering them?  I mean they lost, too, right?  God, this country is a morass of bad judgement and lack of common sense and just brains. 

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