Baking Bread

It is hot, and it is sticky, and I am baking bread.  Because I can.  After so long of being pretty incapacitated, something has gone right for a change and I am able to Get Things Done.  Cleaned the frig, reorganized it and the freezer, cleaned the counters, vacuumed the entire house including the couch, did some hand laundry, and it’s only Thursday.  Started on Monday.  Whatever is happening, I plan to take advantage of and enjoy it while it lasts, because all of us with this fibro thingy know things can change in an instant with absolutely no warning.  So yay me for right this minute.

The New York Times, which I gave in and subscribed to, because they are doing great coverage, asks ‘Why Does Trump Put Russia First?’, and I think I know the answer.  I can imagine Putin telling Trump what a great guy he is, a great leader, and great human being, and Trump lives for praise and validation.  It’s all he has, anyway.  The massive ego, masking an even more massive insecurity.  You could almost feel sorry for him, if he wasn’t such a horrible excuse for a human being.  No decency here, folks, no ethics, no integrity, no character, just self-aggrandizement and hate for anyone who doesn’t think he is the second coming.  Well done, America.  You have let your hate send us on the road to losing our democracy and our freedom, because being free to hate openly is just so satisfying, isn’t it?  See the vids of the Karens, if you need proof.

But it is a beautiful day, in spite of hot and sticky, and I am getting things done, and I have hot dogs for dinner.  I like hot dogs.  New England style buns, buttered and toasted in the iron skillet while the hot dogs cooks in that same skillet.  Green relish, French’s mustard, and celery salt. It’s the New England way.  🙂  Happy Jean is happy today.  It’s my second DD’s birthday, too, so a red letter day over all.  Wish I could visit with her, but virus.  You all remember the virus, right?  Judging by the behaviour of people I see from my windows, I have my doubts.  I read today that there is a group of teenagers having a contest to see who can get sick first.  Parents, please, what are you doing to your children that makes them this reckless and stupid and uncaring and I have run out of words.  Bad parenting.  Bad, bad parenting.


Still happy.  Not going to let morons ruin my day.  Me and Miss G are just being chill.  Well, not chill exactly, but hot and sticky in an okay way.  She is just on the rocking chair.  Didn’t even want to play that much.  It will get better.  Autumn comes eventually.  🙂

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