Thinky Thoughts

I know, I know, it’s only morning and I should not be watching youtube. But while looking for a particular song, I came across this,  and watching it got me thinking. I have not been outside since March 11th. Yeah. I know. Watching this, my first thought, after ‘It’s not funny, but if you don’t laugh, how can you cope?’, was, I don’t want to go outside. I don’t want to be in a world where white people are like this. I am a white people, and I am disgusted, ashamed, horrified, you name it. I can never look at cops the same, and I can definitely never look at my neighbors in the same way, because how can I know any one of them might be like these people, a hotbed of hate and racism and just plain evilness. The worst part of the orange man’s reign has been realizing how little things have changed in this country. These people weren’t enlightened, they were hiding under their rocks with the slime and the bugs until the orange man came along and said, ‘Hate is good, indulge yourselves, please’. This is the man that made fun of disabled people, encouraged his supporters to beat up people who didn’t agree with them/him, and gave a Nazi salute that people just seemed to be okay with. During the campaign. What he’s done since has been so much worse. And many, many people just love it.  Disillusioned does not begin to describe how I feel about my fellow citizens. Great way to start the day, Jean. Really great. Here’s the video:

White People Calling the Cops

2 thoughts on “Thinky Thoughts

    • Kind of makes you embarrassed and ashamed to be one, doesn’t it. And right now, especially to be a white woman, because some of us are behaving abominably. Truly disgusting people.

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