It’s Juneteenth!

Celebrate freedom.  Info about it here:

What’s It About?

Yeah, like, you slaves were freed two years ago, and we kind of forgot to tell you about it. Sorry about that.

Today’s Friday Five is about State or Country Fairs.
1. When was the last time you went to a state or county fair?
Probably more than 25 years, before I was divorced.
2. Did you try your hand at the midway games?
Did not.
3. Which of the rides were your favorite, either now or as a kid?
I loved the whirl-a-gig, where you sat in a cup and the cup spun and the whole shemogle spun as well. I could ride that all day. And the Bumper Cars. I loved the Bumper Cars. Crashing is fun.
4. Did you ever enter anything into the exhibits? How did you do?
Nope. Just a visitor.
5. What is your best memory that you take from a fair?
Lots of memories. At the Colorado State Fair, my favorite was the cow barn, mainly because it contained a dairy with ice cream made right there. Hey, I was a little kid. LOL And the rodeo. The rodeo was spectacular, with clowns and bucking horses and roping contests and it was fantastic. If I couldn’t be Chuck Yeager, I wanted to be a cowboy. In New Hampshire, my husband and I used to go the the Hopkinton Fair every year. Great fun. Gorgeous, gorgeous chickens, and horse pulls. I was insanely addicted to the horse pull. Pill a zillion pounds of something on a sledge and get your horse/horses to pull it a certain distance. Much more exciting than it sounds. Much more. I miss those days sometimes. It was a great fair, not too big or crowded and lots of fun things to see.

So that’s the Friday Five, and Juneteenth. Not so angry lately, so that’s a good thing, but still not happy with my country and a good portion of the people in it. We are meant to be better than this, America.

Look at these beautiful, beautiful horses.

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