From The New York Times Morning Newsletter

*One crucial caveat is that the virus will outlast the summer — everywhere. During the 1918-19 flu, transmission rates fell in the warmer months, only to soar again in the fall. “People thought it was over,” as Apoorva Mandavilli, a science reporter at The Times, said, “and stopped taking precautions.”*

We have to remain vigilant.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed with constant monitoring, wiping things down, washing your hands dozens of times a day.  I just want to go back to normal, please.  I want to go to the DQ with a friend, visit an actual grocery store, just be outside.  I don’t have a yard or balcony or anything similar, so any outside involves elevators and hallways and the main street.  So in I stay.  Humans are very adaptable.  Inconvenience and a bit of stir-crazy versus possibly dying of a devastating illness, I know which I choose.  I am appalled at people who feel it is appropriate to whine and even protest about getting their hair cut.  Good grief.  If they all got sick and died, I probably wouldn’t be that upset, because they are idiots, and we seem to have a glut of those since the orange man happened, but the problem is, they will infect and kill people who haven’t been moronic and are collateral damage, as they say.  You may think you are invincible, but are your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors? And while I may applaud the protesters, I think they would do well to take more safety measures.  Masks, at least.  Some do, some don’t. Same risk to others you come in contact with later.

Oh, looks like a storm is coming. We had a spectacularly fast-moving one the other day, which cause considerable damage, not right where I am, thank goodness. I lost power three times, but only for a few seconds each time.  Happy I had unplugged everything before hand.  I had friends who lost every single bit of electronics and electrics, computers, refrigerator, you name it, in a storm. They were not home to unplug and disconnect at the time and came home to find everything done in.

Haven’t seen the social media yet today, and feeling pretty calm and not angry at the moment. Maybe I’ll just skip it all for a day.  Not like I can fix anything, anyway.  And I am so tired of being angry, and appalled, and in despair.  Stay safe, people.  Stay safe.

What looks like fog is rain blowing past.  Neat. From last Saturday’s flash storm.

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