Hypocrites, Hypocrites Everywhere

Al Sharpton: Responding to the business leaders and politicians who have taken pains to express their support for protesters, Sharpton brandished a sharp tone. “Don’t apologize — give Colin Kaepernick a job back,” he said. “Don’t come with some empty apology. Take a man’s livelihood, strip a man down of his talents, and four years later, when the whole world is marching, you all of a sudden, you go and do a FaceTime.”

Hypocrites abound these days.  ‘Let me put up a nice big banner on my product page, while doing absolutely nothing in the background to give my workers decent wages, health care, and safety materials they are in dire need of during this pandemic.  Can’t be bothered with that, but just LOOK at the big Black Live Matter thing I’ve stuck on my company’s page.’  Looking right at you, Amazon

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