To Vote or Not To Vote

That seems to be the question, according to an article in today’s New York Times On Politics newsletter.  It says young people are questioning the value of voting, and thinking protesting is a better way to go, because most politicians do not share any of the same experiences as they do, so nothing changes. But one person says this:

Elijah McCutcheon, a junior at Otterbein University, said he saw protests as a way to “bring attention to what we should be voting for” — as a way to pass laws to hold officers accountable in the present and avoid police brutality in the future.
“If we just protest and don’t vote to change laws, all this protesting was for no reason,” he said.

Voting matters.  Seriously.  People have fought wars and died to give you the right to vote.  Use it.  And vote for getting rid of the electoral college, whose cowardice is one big reason why we are burdened with the orange man anyway.
I know I am being very political right now, and very angry, and very vocal about being angry, but my god, how can you not be?

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