Referencing the video of the older man being shoved down by police, who then lied about it.

“Police in Buffalo, New York released a statement on Thursday claiming that an elderly man who was protesting police brutality had “tripped and fell” in front of Buffalo City Hall before being taken to the hospital. But that all changed when video went viral on social media showing the 75-year-old man had been pushed by police. The unnamed man, who appeared to be bleeding from his ear, is reportedly in “serious but stable condition.”

“Presumably, the police statement is written in the third person so that local news outlets can just copy and paste their claims without attribution.”  Because this is what reporting is now.  Journalists, not news readers, seem to have gone the way of many things we still need but no longer have.  A long time ago, Roone Arledge, head af ABC Sports if I remember correctly, took over and decided that news belonged in the ‘entertainment’ division, which is when we got idiots banter instead of responsible people telling us what happened today. Commenting on what may or may not have happened, joking about it, this is what we got instead, because entertainment requires ratings to succeed.  Now we have ‘races’ in politics, and sound bites, and no one telling what has gone on and who said what and reporting on if what they said was accurate or not.  We aren’t told what happened or who said what, we are told what to THINK about what happened or what was said.  A big reason I do not have cable or antenna tv any more.

Here’s the video.

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