And It Hits Close To Home

One of my youngest daughter’s high school friends has died from the virus.  First person in my extended circle that I am aware of.  They have not been in touch for a long time, but she was a friend back then, and it is very, very sad.

I read a blog where someone said sixteen people in their extended circle have died from the corona virus.

Stay safe. Stay home.  Wear a mask.  Save the lives of your loved ones.  Please.

2 thoughts on “And It Hits Close To Home

    • I never go out. I’ve been down to the lobby twice since mid-March, and that’s it. The last time I actually went out was March 11, and the last person to be here was March 12. Good thing I am well-used to being alone. The utter and complete morons who are running this country do not have a clue what they are doing, and the orange gasbag got rid of those who would know some time ago. Don’t know what’s happened to the populace in my country, but a good deal of them seem to have lost their brains somewhere along the way. We seem to have gotten the worst government of the planet, judging by what I’ve read about what other countries are doing. Of course, Boris Johnson is not a whole lot smarter than Trump, so England is not doing so hot, either. What a world….what a world. 🙂
      Stay safe. Wash those hands. Wear a mask. It’s the new motto.

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