Is It Me?

I noticed maybe two days ago that the sky looked different.  Couldn’t think how to describe it, but it just occurred to me, it’s cleaner.  Looking towards the horizon, the clouds are usually grayer than those above.  Now, they are not.  I don’t think I’m imagining it.  I sit here almost every day and look at the sky frequently while messing about on the laptop, and it definitely looks different to me.

Meanwhile, I have been kind of blah.  Lots of body pain, tired, not getting much of anything done.  Maybe the vacuuming did me in for a while.  But I did it.  Yay, me.  Looking back at that really good day I had April 14th.  Why can’t I have that kind of day more often?  Stupid fibromyalgia, that’s why.

Seeing a lot more people wearing masks, now that the order to do so has begun, but still not everyone I see, and still a lot of NOT social distancing.  It’s not really all about you, people. It’s about the people you come in contact with, the ones whose lives you are risking, because while you may feel fine, you can still be infected and infect others.  Do you really want to be responsible for someone else’s death?  God, I hope not, but in this country right now, care and compassion and responsibility to others seems sadly lacking in an awful lot of people.  Sad.

I, on the other hand, have at least one good neighbor, who brought up my Amazon packages, knocked, and left. This was NOT the delivery person, cause I’d need to buzz the in, and that didn’t happen.  So my boxes are sitting in the hallway for a few days before opening.  Not too many days, cause one box is cat food, and we are getting pretty low there, Gertrude.  Cardboard is supposed to be okay after 24 hours, but after being as sick as I was in December, I tend to be overly cautious.  Better safe than sorry.

Hope everyone is staying safe, and not putting their own convenience above the well-being of those around them.  It’s a beautiful day today.  Too chill to open the windows, but very pleasant to look upon the new leaves and the fluffy white clouds and the blue sky.  Lots to be glad about.  I was thinking about how privileged I am.  Safe place to live, heat, food, cat, wonderful friends.  These things greatly outweigh any ‘can’t’ situations in in my life.  I will not be holding signs about how poor me’s rights are being violated because I can’t get a haircut.  What about the rights of all those you come in contact with?  The ones with compromised immune systems, the ones with chronic illnesses, the ones who may not be able to fight off the virus and it’s horrid effects?  Do they not matter to you at all?  Do  they not have a right to not be exposed by you to a life-threatening and sometimes fatal illness?  Guess not.  Your rights are all that matter to you.  For shame.

That middle picture shows you what happens when the seal in the window breaks.

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