Really, Jean? Really?

I just watched a five minute ad for drones because no dialogue but great music.  Music always sucks me in.  That’s why I watched Brokeback Mountain, originally, because the music in the ad just spoke to me.  It’s why I love Grosse Pointe Blank, because music.  And Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.  Music, music, music.  I am a musical person who cannot play any instrument.  But music just resonates with something inside of me.The joke between my friend Tess and me is ‘there is a song for everything’ because I am singing it.  Every time.  Right now I’m watching a Steam Powered Giraffe vid.  Great group. Abney Park, too.  Love steampunk.  Once had my desktop all steampunk decked out.  Cool, man. 🙂

Theme from Brokeback Mountain

Been reading a lot about the virus, and how serious thinks are getting out there.  I went ahead and cancelled one homemaker for this week, and will probably do the other one as well. She’s the one who cooks, so it will be hard, but they are out there among all sorts of unhealthy people, and I am in a high-risk group.  More than one, actually.  Have to not panic, but still be cautious.  Catching that cold in December nearly did me in, so doubly cautious.  I am the person who almost never gets sick, too, so the severity of that was completely unexpected.

Some good news sources of the non-orange variety are The Guardian, BBC World Service, and I saw some good stuff on Forbes.  I am sorry, but I have absolutely no faith in American news organizations.  None.  I am lucky in not having cable or network, because I don’t see all the dreck that is being put out there.  John Oliver had a clip of Geraldo (remember Geraldo?  Al Capone’s vault fiasco) saying that if you can hold your breath for ten seconds, you do not have the virus.  OMG OMG OMG.  And I’m sure people are out there just breathing sighs of relief to know they are fine.  You truly cannot fix stupid, it seems.

The Guardian

Another thing I discovered: I uninstalled Dropbox, because it messed up somehow, and my computer is actually working as it should. What? I knew it could slow things down, but the practically destroy Firefox and break everything else? So ow it’s just on my MacBook Pro. I love my Mac, but there are things I just can’t figure out how to do that are so easy on windows. So that’s the one I use the most. Good old win10, the worst windows after win8 they ever came up with, I think. I managed to avoid 8 altogether, thank goodness, but could not avoid 10. Oh, well.

Stay safe, wash your hands. stay at home people. Even if you don’t get sick yourself, you can carry the illness to those who are at high risk without even realizing you’ve infected them. Caution is the word.

2 thoughts on “Really, Jean? Really?

  1. Music always brings up memories; sitting at the stereo, taping songs; teaching myself the font from Gordon Lightfoot’s album while listening to the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald; there’s a Bread song (name escapes me at the moment) that never fails to bring up the top of Fisher St as we were turning left…

    Did you ever see “Eli Stone”? Zoey’s Playlist reminds me of it.

    I hate Win10. I wish I could have just kept 7 forever. Just like my favorite phone; it’s a 2G so it can’t be used anymore. Not happy about it.

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