I have been having a lot of pain.  My foot, my torn rotator cuffs that have been okay for a long time have now started up with the serious pain again, no idea why, and my head.  Something is wrong in my head.  A realization I have come to is when you are old and poor, medicine has absolutely no interest in your problems.  We are considered a waste of resources.  Anyway, I know someone who claims to be a ‘distance healer’ I think is the term.  Anyway, she sends light to you somehow and it makes you feel better, whatever your problem may be.  I do not believe in this stuff.  I do not read Tarot cards. or look for signs, or any of the what I call oo-ee-oo-ee stuff.  I am a pragmatist and a realist.  But…  and it’s a big but.  She has sent me light, and it has helped.  I know.  is it all in my head?  Once she sent it without telling me first, and it still helped.  Example: my foot has been painful and swollen, and after getting the light sent, I can wiggle my toes painlessly.   So if you’re into this kind of thing, and looking for a little positive support, check this out:

BTW, if you’ve ever seen Miranda with Miranda Hart (BBC), ‘what I call’ made you laugh, right?  It did me.

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