Finally Getting Better


December was not the best month ever, and January wasn’t looking good either.  But I finally got an antibiotic and a maintenance inhaler from my doctor, and almost immediately started to get better.  I can breathe.  I may not have had pneumonia, but by the second day of the antibiotic, I was doing pretty darn good.  Started the new inhaler today, and hope it helps, too.  Not happy at all with my doctor’s followup to the chest and foot xrays.  “No pneumonia, no broken bones”  Well, fine, but I still can’t breathe and my foot is still swollen and painful.  Two phone calls and a call to the pharmacist later, I get why the new inhaler, but the foot advice was just ‘wear good shoes’.  No explanation originally about why a new inhaler and how to use it, what it is for, etc.  Medicine is NOT what it used to be.  This is one of the better doctors I’ve had in the past ten years, too, since my really good doctor left to do hospital admin.

Miss G is doing great.  No probs from getting spayed, only calming down a teeny bit, still Miss Destructo. She weighs 5 and a half pounds, so has gained quite a bit since last time, in spite of not eating a lot and running around like a maniac a good deal of the time.  Took a vid of her yesterday watching it snow.  Snow did not stick and I miss winter, darn it.  Cold, clear, sunny is fine, but snow please, Mother Nature.

Cannot figure out how to post the video.  Oh, well.  🙂

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