Couple of Disturbing Things

Boycotting Macmillan

Libraries matter.  There are a lot of people who cannot afford books or ebooks, and libraries fill a need there.  This is strictly a profit-motivated move on the part of Macmillan, and they should be ashamed.

Trying to Out Whistleblowers

This is even more disturbing, much more.  The ability to whistle-blow, to call out the evil being done, is our right.  This administration is seeking to end that right and punish anyone who tells the truth about whatever it is.  Nobody doing wrong likes to be outed for it, but if they have the power to punish those who do, then what?  Any number of things detrimental to the rest of us can go on and we will remain clueless.  This is not the kind of world I want.  Accountability is important.  Being made to own up and have consequences for doing the wrong thing should be a normal thing.  Punishing those who blow the whistle stifles our right to better products, better government, a better life.

There are steps in place to protect whistle blowers, and it seems this administration is trying to circumvent them
Whistleblower Protection Act

Former Director of CIA




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