Ethical Delimmas

What to do, what to do???  Here’s an article from my inbox:

(Here’s another one I just came across. This is why I think this country is on its last legs as the bastion of democracy and freedom of speech. If it ever actually was, IDEK) Censorship in Florida)

I use windows. I have a Macbook Pro. I buy from Amazon. I have shopped at Walmart recently, after years of boycotting them. There I things I need in my chronic-illness

******Alert!! Alert!! It’s SNOWING. The sun is shining, partly cloudy, and round bits of snow are falling in front of my windows. Woo Hoo, I think. Oh, now it’s done. Oh, well. LOL ******

Back to rant: There are things I need in my chronic debilitating illness life that I just cannot get without ordering from Amazon. Walmart has some things I can’t find elsewhere. I NEED my laptop, it’s my connection to the world. So what to do? I can’t boycott Amazon, or Windows. How does one come to terms with giving their money to evil, evil, evil corporations and ultimately their super-evil CEO’s. Rich people really are different, and their money is their god and is the only thing that really matters to them. Even people who are not super-rich are different. I know some of them, and can attest to that. I sometimes agonize over these issues, but I sort of have no choice here. How does anyone else deal with this dilemma?  I can’t afford to pay for a lot of shipping if I bought things from other suppliers.  Prime has a lot of benefits.  A lot.  Free shipping is but one.  But I hate myself every time I buy something from Amazon.

On the other hand, I agonized for years (yes, I am over-    can’t think of the word that means I worry too much about some shit.)  Not being able to recycle where I live.  There is no option here, and I do not have a car and cannot get to a recycling center.  This bothered me for years until I realized that a lot of people don’t care about it and my meager trash is not going to bring down the world.  I am totally amazed at how much we allow ourselves to be brainwashed into thinking that if we only stop using plastic straws we can save the planet.  1. The major polluters are a few big corporations, and they are not going to stop if it means costing them more than a nickle or two.  A bunch of plastic straws are not going to make a lot of difference.  2. It is not the planet that needs saving, it is ourselves.  We are at the top of the food-chain and are in actuality parasites.  By that I mean that nothing depends upon us for survival.  This animal needs that plant, this plant need that insect, everything is interdependent, except for us.  Nothing needs us.  We are only takers, not givers.  Our biggest contribution to this planet is the destruction of the natural world.  So if/when we destroy that natural world, we are going to have to figure out how to survive with artificial, manufactured everything.  Including food, which is already happening to a certain extent.  But hey, I’m making the big bucks here, why should I care about what’s going to be going on down the line.  I’ll probably be dead, anyway.  Right?  Bill Gates NEEDS those billions of dollars. NEEDS them.  I mean, how would he survive without having more money than god.  Or Jeff Bezos, who now has more money than the entire rest of the planet put together.  He can’t afford to pay Amazon workers decent wages with decent hours.  I mean really, he needs every penny of that obscene wealth he made on the backs of those workers.  Capitalism is evil, evil, evil, and creates evil people as a by-product.  I don’t know how to fix it.  Do you? So I keep ordering from Amazon and cringing all the while.  Hating myself for NOT putting my money where my mouth is, as the saying goes.

BTW, the snow is back, but I’m not so sure it isn’t like little ice balls floating down. Weird.  And the kitty has finally run out of steam and crashed.  I hope.  It’s gotten pretty quiet, anyway.  OMG, I’d better check.

This basket had pretty little flowers in it (fake ones)  It now belongs to her after she kept swimming in them and ripping them from the stems.  Everything belongs to Gertrude, and everything is a toy. Who knew?  Crap picture, I’m sorry.



3 thoughts on “Ethical Delimmas

  1. Interesting rant Ms Jean. I buy most of my stuff online since we don’t have a retail store here and the nearest one is better than twenty miles away. Nice basket for Gertrude! She would probably like a box also. g

    • She does like boxes. She likes everything. Everything is hers, and everything is a toy. Literally. Everything.
      I am not overly mobile due to my stupid fibro, so ordering on line is the only way to get some things I need. It is a dilemma, but I don’t have a solution. Amazon is destroying the economy, with help from the rich old white guys, and I don’t have a clue how to fix that. Nobody asks me anyway. 🙂

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