Woo Hoo

A big, unexpected woo hoo.  I’m getting a kitty.  Talking to someone who said she knows lots of teachers and farmers who are always looking for someone who wants a cat.  ‘I do’, says Jean the idiot.  That was yesterday.  Today she called to say she’d found one.  Female, check, short hair, check, housetrained (possiby) check, but only three months old.  Never had a baby before.  I’ve always gotten adult cats.  She’s bringing her over tomorrow afternoon, so before dr. appointmentt off to Christmas Tree Shop we go, my friend Tess and I, and forty dollars later, I have a cat bed, a scratching post, and some toys.

After dr. appointment, off we go to schlop and schnop (stop and shop) and forty more dollars later I have food and litter and treats.  My god, is grocery store cat food crap. The person giving up the kitty feeds them Friskies, which is corn.  Corn.  Seriously.  I bought a store natural foods brand which is meat and good stuff.  Could not find the unscented litter I like, so bought something supposedly good to try.  Made of guess what?  Corn.  But at least it’s not meant to be eaten.  Bought some Blue Buffalo Treats, too.  Made of meat mainly.  God, people feed their cats garbage.  Actually, garbage would probably be better than Friskies and the like.

So excited Jean is excited and nervous and asking herself, “What was I thinking?”.  Hope it goes well and she’s a good kitty and we like each other.  Wish me luck, people.

As for the doctor, she seemed puzzled as to why I am not still taking paquinal.  Well, duh.  Bad side effects, also you said I don’t have the illness you wanted me to take it for after all.  Oh I still think you might have the illness so maybe you should still take it.  Yeah, in your dreams.  You sent me the test results that say I do not have whatever the hell it was, and side effects, people.  Sheesh!  I am so over American medicine.  New doctor should be in by my next visit,so hoping she will turn out to at least have a clue.  I did convince this one to let me lower the prednisone much, much more slowly than they have been pushing on me all these years, causing me endless problems that started when old dr. took me off it too soon and I got withdrawal, which it seems you have forever once you get it.  Swell.  But I am doing much better on ten mg, tired, but always tired, just normally the pain takes the front so the tired is just there.  Now I am not in so much pain and want to do things, but wait, need to go lie down now.  There’s always a catch, isn’t there?  Happy, happy, happy to have less pain though,  Cannot complain about that.  Helooooo, Kitty

7 thoughts on “Woo Hoo

  1. Oh, lord, I am having major anxiety, which is just plain ridiculous. What was I thinking? It’s not cats, We’ve had cats and dog my whole life. It’s a kitten. Do I have to house train it? Is it going to be into everything? Eek, eek, eek. I know, I know. As soon as I see it, I’ll be fine. I hope. LOL Free kitten. So far, without having taken her to the vet yet to be spayed and shot and whatever, I’ve spent over a hundred dollars for toys and food and litter and anything else I could think of. Free cat my eye. But that’s okay. I am happy not to have to deal with our local shelter, after the really bad experience I had with Luna. So kitty. Yay. I think.

    • Breathe. Slowly and deeply!!!!

      Yes, she’s going to get into everything, and will hide and you’ll think you’ve lost her. She will be trained…cats don’t usually have an issue with this unless they are sick.

      Breathe. Slowly and deeply. 🙂

      • Yeah, got everything organized. Litter in box, food and water in bowls, just a tiny bit of dry food, because I am going to give her wet three times a day, and today’s schedule starts later. Since she’s not actually here yet. Had to put your plant in the bedroom with the door closed, because it’s poisonous to cats. Drat! I doubt she could reach it yet, but better safe than sorry. 🙂

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