Comment I Made On Another Blog

Cause I’m too tired to think up new material.  LOL

My comment:  “I have one goal. To have as much fun each day as is possible. I always find something to laugh at, too. When I was first diagnosed, I went to a support group for fibro, expecting tips and encouragement on how to manage life with this. What I got was a bunch of women bemoaning their fate. Not for me. It took a long time to truly accept that this is my life now, I will never go back to my fantastic job, and I cannot do a lot of things I used to do. I said that a lot, at first. ‘I used to….” Then I made a conscious effort to stop thinking that way. I focus on what I can do. Today I made risotto. Never doing that again,but I did it this one time. Yay, me. I have also had some truly rude and obnoxious doctors over the years, but move on as fast as I can. I always try to remind myself that every day is a good day and there is always something to enjoy. Today it’s a lovely breeze blowing straight in my windows. Not that I never have severely down days, because I do, but even then, I look for something good in it. Reading on the couch when I can barely move is made lovely by my super-soft blanket, and I make an effort to appreciate that. Attitude makes a huge difference in life, I’ve found, and even though sometimes it’s a struggle, it’s worth it to work on having a good one, in my opinion. That’s all. 🙂”

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