Home Chef

Here’s the thing.  I read about home delivery food, like Blue Apron, which I tried awhile back.  Decided to check out Home Chef.  You have to give your info right off, which I stupidly, stupidly did. (Hey, I get brain fog, I’m not always on top of things as I should be) Anyway, after checking it out, I decided to not.  Took me 15 minutes to find where to cancel. Which I did.  Then I discovered they had billed my credit card as soon as I filled in the info.  Okay, wait for it to be returned.  Today I get an email that my shipment is on it’s way.  Did I not cancel this as soon as I checked over the site? Why yes.  Yes I did. Blue Apron had a ton of packaging which had to be recycled or disposed of, but Home Chef is just wrong.  You can’t just take my money and ignore when I cancel.  I may call Citi and ask them how to make sure I am not billed any more.  I have had excellent service with my Citi Card, so I am hopeful they can help.  Home Chef…NO!!!

5 thoughts on “Home Chef

  1. I just now discovered that the package was delivered nine hours ago. This is fresh food, and I didn’t have to sign for it? It was dumped in the lobby? Good grief. Going to try to report them to someone. Sheesh!

      • OH, what was in it. Everything you need to make 4 dinners for two people. Steak, two chicken meals, and a pork chop meal. The steak looks really good. The meat is all vacuum packed, and the ingredients for each meal is in it’s own packet. Not nearly as much packing as Blue Apron. Without the coupon, it would have been almost 80 dollars, I think, which is a lot more than I spend a week on food Since I don’t cook much. My issue with it is really that as soon as you are up to the point when you can see what it is, you’ve bought it.

  2. It was still very cold, and the food looks really good. If only I’d actually ordered it. I’m not down to be sent any more, and since I had a coupon the whole thing was less than 40 dollars, I think I’ll just let it be. Now I have to cook it, though. Cooling and I have not been on friendly terms for a while now. If I was rich, I’d hire a personal chef. Wouldn’t that be neat? LOL

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